At Courtney Little Wellness, "CLW" it is our mission to help you uncover the root cause(s) to your symptoms and current health condition, as well as to help support you in healing your own body, safely and naturally.

Our goal is to help motivate, educate and guide you to create the shifts in your life to not just sail by feeling "ok", but to live a life where you are truly  T H R I V I N G! 

Are You Currently Experiencing Any of the Health Challenges Below?



*Hormonal imbalances

*Weight loss/gain

*Digestive issues (IBS, bloating, colitis, SIBO, heart burn, acid reflux, gas, Crohn's, etc.)



*Autoimmune disease

*Skin imbalances (acne, eczema, psoriasis)


*Diabetes and more

If so, you are not alone and there are answers and solutions. We believe healing is possible to any and everyone and our focus is on providing functional lab testing and sub-conscious reprogramming telehealth services to help support our clients in healing both their minds AND bodies. 


Functional Lab Testing. Sub-Conscious Reprogramming. Online Courses. Wellness Store.

1:1 Support


Our 1:1 support is offered through The Signature CLW Four or Six Month Functional Lab Testing Healing Program or our Nutrition, Life + Mindset Coaching Program. Click here for more details.

Online Courses

Want to learn more about health and nutrition in the comfort of your home, at an affordable cost? We got you covered! Our online courses offer a variety of education on various and much needed health topics. Check out our online store to see what courses are available here!

"I am only on week 5 of my 6 month program and already feel like a different person! My cravings are gone, I sleep through the night, I have had no hot flashes, down 6 pounds and my digestion is back to normal."

-Dina Leland

"I just completed my 4 month program and all I can say is WOW. All of my blood work has improved and is back within normal range, my energy is through the roof, anxiety is gone and and I am overall so much happier."

 -Andrea Shaw


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Interested In Becoming

A Client?


If you are interested in becoming a client, you can apply online here. After your application is submitted and reviewed, one of our client coordinators will be in contact to schedule a call towards your next steps to healing. We look forward to connecting with you!